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Ducktails Class

Evan Gregoire - Boondockers Farm
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Workshop Level: Beginner
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Workshop Description

Come explore ducks! Evan Gregoire will bring some ducks and (he hopes) DUCKLINGS! We will talk about handling them and care. Learn about how to raise them and talk to them. We will learn about all the different ducks we can think of. We will have images of various breeds of ducks, as well as scenes from the farm.

Speaker Bio

Shortly after moving to Eugene, Ore., Evan Gregoire completed the Oregon State University’s Master Gardener program in 2007. As a master gardener, Gregoire found his second nature for soil nutrition and gained a knowledge of many aspects of small farming, permaculture, community involvement and compost management ... while helping Eugene to expand its gardening and foodie community. On the farm, Gregoire specializes in bringing back heirloom plants and heritage animals from the depths of endangerment and putting them all back on productive homesteads and farms.

Based on his early introduction to plants and animals by his mother and grandparents, Gregoire strongly believes that cultivating an interest in gardening among youngsters throughout their childhood (coupled with an ongoing delivery of information to the general public) is crucial to keeping healthy food on the table. He enjoys teaching others and holds workshops for all ages on biodiversity, growing techniques, preserving foods, saving seeds, heirloom plants and heritage animals.

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