Ancient Grains/Gluten Free Bread Options: Why Me, Why Now?

Nancy Chase - Shambala Permaculture Farm & Nursery
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Learn how to re-purpose woody yard debris in garden beds, instead of tending compost piles, for dramatically successful food landscapes small and large scale. Self watering and fertilizing concepts are proven effective, come enjoy the anecdotes from Shambala Farm experiences having evolving perennial food forests on Camano Island, combined with annual produce production applying no till practices. Convert lawns to food with us!

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Ancient Grains/Gluten Free Bread Options: Why Me, Why Now?

Speaker Bio

Nancy Chase is a Certified Permaculture Designer, and is the co-founder of Shambala Farm & Nursery/Shambala Bakery on Camano Island, WA. She and her husband have been transforming their cottage farm business by utilizing socio-agro permaculture designs aside a team of guest associates. Implementing perennial food production with no-till organic processes, has transformed rolling lawns to easy-edible forests and garden scapes. The GFree, Non GMO bakery is a tasty addition this year with an unusual re-purposing biz plan, and she is sharing with you the "Fruits of Their Labors" .

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