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Weed and Pest Control in Your Organic Garden

Ilene White Freedman - House in the Woods Farm
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Workshop Description

Weeds bugging you? Join Ilene and Phil Freedman to consider some weed and pest prevention strategies for your organic home garden or small farm. Ilene will share House in the Woods Farm’s story of trial and error with weed prevention techniques over the past 15 years, leading to Phil’s development of a new sustainable mulch laying system for farmers. When it comes to weeds and pests, prevention works best. Create a strong soil ecosystem, just like a person’s holistic health care for a strong immune system. Join us to learn how.

Speaker Bio

Ilene White Freedman and her husband, Phil, operate House in the Woods Farm in Frederick, Md. The certified organic farm was established in 2000 and includes a 70+ community-supported agriculture (CSA) program and wholesale produce. Their farm mission is to connect people to the land, the food and the community. Phil, an engineer as well as a farmer, designed an adaptation to a disposable plastic mulch layer to lay and re-roll reusable durable landscape fabric on the raised beds that the machine creates. The Freedman family was selected by Mother Earth News as 2013 Homesteaders of the Year.

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