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Lessons Learned from the Sustainability School of Hard Knocks

Lyle Estill - Piedmont Biofuels
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For many, the journey toward a lower carbon footprint begins with the built environment. It can also move to food, fuel, clothing, finance, local economy and activism. Come hear about Piedmont Biofuels' journey, which began with backyard biodiesel, and has run the gamut through sustainable agriculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, vermiculture, biochar, local currency and more.

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Speaker Bio

Lyle Estill is the V.P. of Stuff for Piedmont Biofuels. He has been active in the environmental movement for decades, and is the author of four books on topics ranging from biodiesel to local economy to industry to activism. When it comes to implementing sustainability solutions, Estill has a lot of dirt under his fingernails.

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