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Energetics of Herbs

Maureen Burns-Hooker - Herbal Sage Farms and The Herbal Sage Tea Company
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Workshop Level: Intermediate

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Winter well and be ready for next spring. Get your bees ready for those first spring honey flows. Work with them (and not against them) for swarming, and enjoy the best time of year with your bees.

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Speaker Bio

Maureen Burns-Hooker, The Herbal Sage Tea Company’s formulator, creates informative and fun classes on herbs and their therapeutic uses. Burns-Hooker’s years in the herbal tea business has led to her be one of the top formulators for medicinal and therapeutic tea blends in the country. She is a gifted teacher and visionary who has opened many hearts to the wisdom of plants. Burns-Hooker is certified as a Health Educator and also teaches about food and herbs as medicine. She is currently developing a native elderberry orchard and educational lodge on 160 acres in southeast Ohio.

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