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Using dirt to build communities - Awesome earthen buildings worldwide - How to do it yourself

Janell Kapoor - Ashevillage Institute and Kleiwerks International
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Workshop Level: Beginner
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Workshop Description

Join an inspiring and dynamic presentation that includes:

  • Awesome earthen buildings from around the world, and the communities that built them
  • Natural building as a pathway for earthlings to be happy and live debt-free
  • Community placemaking and the power of people connected to place
  • Designing our future in relationship with self, community and nature ... building our nests
  • How to do it yourself, some step-by-step suggestions to making it happen back home

Speaker Bio

Janell Kapoor is a mud mama extraordinaire, global mover n' shaker and visionary activist. Founder of Kleiwerks International and the Ashevillage Institute, she has worked with people from 52 countries, helping to launch regional natural building movements in Southeast Asia, South America, Turkey and the southeastern United States. She is a hands-on mastress of the art of earthen architecture. She is also founder of the Ashevillage Sanctuary, a 1-acre eco-urban demonstration site and living-learning laboratory in downtown Asheville, N.C. Dedicated to the whole human, she asks the question: What is our greatest potential as earthlings on this planet in this time? How can we re-belong to the sacred matrix of place, each other and ourselves?

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