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Heirlooms, Hybrids or GMOs?

Cheryl Long, Barbara Pleasant and Thaddeus Christian - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
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Join MOTHER EARTH NEWS Editors Cheryl Long, Barbara Pleasant and Thaddeus Christian as they explain the pros and cons of hybrid, genetically modified, open pollinated and heirloom seeds. You’ll learn when hybrids are a good choice, and why some heirloom seeds may not perform as well as they should.

Speaker Bio for Cheryl Long

Cheryl Long is the editor in chief of MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine, and a leading advocate for more sustainable lifestyles. She lives on an 8-acre homestead near Topeka, Kan., powered in part by solar panels, where she manages a large organic garden and a small flock of Welsummer chickens. Prior to taking the helm at MOTHER, she was an editor at Organic Gardening magazine for 10 years.

Speaker Bio for Barbara Pleasant

One of MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ most experienced garden editors, Barbara Pleasant has written features on topics ranging from turnips to property dogs. Her popular Gardening Know-How column in MOTHER EARTH NEWS won a Silver Award of Achievement from the Garden Writers Association in 2013, her sixth such award in 30 years as a professional garden writer. Pleasant lives in Floyd, Va., where she grows vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers, and keeps a small flock of laying hens, all of whom have names.

Speaker Bio for Thaddeus Christian

Thaddeus Christian was introduced to the growing season in the dark Solano loam, an alluvial sediment deposit sitting astride the Green Valley fault, at the bottom of the Sacramento River Delta. That clay-rich soil was an excellent home for tomatoes, grapes and fruit orchards, and in contrast to the swelling suburban corridors, offered a glimpse at the foundational contexts of words like economy, nutrition, and value.

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