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Grow Fruits and Nuts at Home

Debbie Lienhart - Organic Growers School
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Workshop Level: Beginner
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Workshop Description

Discover the basics of growing fruits and nuts in your yard, starting with identifying the best planting locations, and then planting and maintaining the plants for highest production. Learn strategies for easing fruit- and nut-bearing plants into an ornamental landscape and growing more fruit and nuts in small spaces. If you're new to growing fruits and nuts, this is the workshop for you!

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Speaker Bio

Debbie Lienhart is the co-owner of Useful Plants Nursery, a small, permaculture-based nursery specializing in useful, phytonutritional, food and medicine plants well-adapted to the Southern Appalachian mountains and surrounding bioregions. Plants are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides at the nursery, located at Earthaven Ecovillage. Lienhart believes that growing your own food and medicine plants is a vitally important strategy and practice for regaining control over our collective and personal lives, our health, and our individual and bioregional economic well-being.

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