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Creating a Permaculture Ecovillage: My 40 Years at The Farm Community

Douglas Stevenson - The Farm Community
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Douglas Stevenson has two books out this year: In one, he describes The Farm’s colorful story and its evolution from world’s largest hippie commune to modern ecovillage. In the second work, he digs deeper and examines the building blocks of community and sustainability. In this workshop, he’ll cover both in a fascinating and inspiring presentation.

Speaker Bio

Douglas Stevenson has been a member of The Farm Community for 40 years. He has been a volunteer in Guatemala with Plenty International, the community’s relief and development nonprofit, and is an active board member of Swan Conservation Trust. Along his journey with The Farm, Stevenson has served on the membership committee and on the board of directors, as well as spending eight years as its manager. He is the de facto public relations person and has helped present The Farm’s story to countless newspapers, magazines, documentary filmmakers and television journalists. His company, Green Life Retreats (, hosts the Farm Experience Weekend and other instructional seminars about sustainable living. Stevenson is an author with more than 1,000 published articles and three books. Learn more at

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