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Lindsay Green - Muddy Sneakers
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Workshop Level: Beginner
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Workshop Description

Wildlife is everywhere! We share our terrestrial ecosystem with lots of different critters. Participants will learn about a few species of wildlife and play a game that will illustrate the effects of various limiting factors on their population.

Speaker Bio

Lindsay Green grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, but thankfully discovered her love of the outdoors while attending college at the University of Georgia. While there, she worked as a raft guide in the summers and spent many weekends camping along the Chattooga River. Upon graduating, she moved to Brevard, where she began teaching environmental education. Her 10-year career with the Wildlife Resources Commission set the foundation for her love of wildlife. When not leading a Muddy Sneaker’s group, she spends time volunteering or working in the field studying various wildlife species found in Western North Carolina. In addition, she has a gardening business, called "Sprout," that fulfills her love of plants. When she’s not working or learning to be a new momma, she’s outside in her garden, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, or on the river … and hopes to satiate her never dying travel bug again one of these days.

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