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6 Inches of Soil in 6 Months and 600,000 Bugs

John W. Moody - Some Small Farm/Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
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Workshop Level: Intermediate
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Great soil ... Everyone wants it, but not everyone has it. So, how can you build great soil while also capturing waste streams to reincorporate into the natural earth cycles (and generate free food for your flocks and other animals)?

Some Small Farm started four years ago with less than 1% organic matter soil, on land that had been overgrazed year after year into little more than solid clay. The farm now produces bountifully from the application of soil-building principles to the land.

Speaker Bio

John Moody is a homesteader and farmer in Kentucky, who, after discovering his diet was literally killing him with duodenal ulcers, began to transition to real, local foods and local food distribution. He started to work to protect the ability to raise, grow and have access to these foods as a board member for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense fund. Eventually, he relocated his family to 35 acres of land to put his learning into practice.

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