Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

Handmade Gifts That Say 'I Love You'

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Facebook community

Forego chocolate and roses this Valentine’s Day and instead choose homemade gifts, such as these ideas submitted by our Facebook friends.

How to Make Padded Hangers

By Rhonda Shephard

Use leftover yarn, ribbon or crocheting to upgrade cheap plastic clothes hangers into padded clothes hangers that will keep your garments in place.

Transform Charcoal Ash Into Homemade Putty

By Robert J. Raynor

Charcoal ash can be used for the surprisingly utilitarian purpose of concocting homemade putty.

How to Make Canning Jar Lights

By Gary and Gina Blocker

Think outside the jar to create inexpensive, country-chic lighting fixtures using Ball canning jars.


Solar-Powered Tractor

By Kathryn Griffin

This solar-powered tractor design works well for small farms and homesteads.

Make a Sturdy Feed Bag Tote

By Cerise Welter

You can build a fun and fashionable reusable shopping bag from leftover seed sacks.

Make a Homemade Gift Bag for the Holidays

By Melissa McDade

Try using festive holiday or Christmas fabric to make drawstring bags to hold your loved one’s gifts.

Lower Domestic Hot Water Costs

By Camille Landry

Follow these money-saving tips to lower the cost of your domestic hot water bill.

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