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Ginger Beer Recipe Remix

By Ashley Cain

Who knew that making a soda so delicious was so darn easy?! This office experiment is our most rewarding yet. I mean, Marlin is cool with his aquaponic system and all, but I definitely don’t want to drink fish water. (See aquaponic blog.) Our ginger beer is so refreshing, surprisingly effervescent and just plain awesome! So you’d like to know how to make it yourself, right? Well, I will gladly share the steps and recipe with you.

Office Trials - Aquaponic System

By Ashley Cain

Join the FAIR staff and our (current) fish, Marlin as we dive into office aquaponics. We'll keep a log of our progress with the hope that others can learn from our experiences. We're also excited to use our office-grown wheatgrass!

The One Power Tool I Use More Than Any Other

By Steve Maxwell

Steve shares 11 years of his experience with the newest mainstay power tool in the world, and offers three free chances to win an impact driver.

How to Build a Rocket Stove Using Cement Blocks

By Rebecca Martin

Learn how to build a simple, dual-burner rocket stove using recycled materials from your homestead, garden or workshop.


Greening Your Holiday Season

By Crystal Stevens

Helpful tips on keeping earth stewardship alive this holiday season.

Crocheted Scrubbies

By Lanette Lepper

Pot scrubbers are an easy kitchen gift to crochet.

Solar-Powered Tractor

By Kathryn Griffin

This solar-powered tractor design works well for small farms and homesteads.

Make a Sturdy Feed Bag Tote

By Cerise Welter

You can build a fun and fashionable reusable shopping bag from leftover seed sacks.

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