Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

Homemade Shaker for Dried Herbs

By Lou Anne Zander

Recycle a common household item into a container for dried herbs or spice blends.

Tornado Survival Tips

By Matthew Stein

With 1/3 of the population of the US under a tornado watch today, these tornado facts, myths, and survival tips could save a lot of lives!

Do-It-Yourself Furniture From Downloadable Plans

By Alec Weaver

These DIY furniture pieces can be cut and fabricated from any flat, sturdy material.

Stain Your Deck So It Lasts

By Steve Maxwell

Download Steve Maxwell’s free list of tested and approved deck stains that have worked well in field tests.


Growing Your Business at Home and Locally

By Robert W. Bly

There are many tactics for growing your business, from advertising locally to establishing productive relationships with your client base.

Portable Table Saw Purchasing Tips

By Steve Maxwell

Here’s what to look for when purchasing a portable table saw for DIY building projects around your homestead.

How to Find Your Own Clay and Make Your First Sustainable Pottery Project

By Steve Walsh and Jenni Friztlan

People around the world have used sustainable pottery for thousands of years to store and serve food, hold water, boil tea, preserve documents (in the case of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls) and for many other purposes. Cups, bowls, pots, vases, plates, saucers, butter dishes, even a “pot-within-a-pot” used for refrigeration in parts of Africa, are all traditional pottery products. This wide, purposeful use of pottery supported the local agrarian community, which is what Cottage Crafted heartily encourages one specific use for pottery is fermentation crockery. Handmade pottery crocks are perfect for making sauerkraut or kimchi. Fermentation is not only a great way to keep your harvest, it also exponentially increases its nutritional value.

Winter Challenges in the Country, Part 2

By The Thyme Garden Herb Company

Suggestions for what to have on hand - and handy - when you hear a storm is heading your way.

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