Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

Make Homemade BBQ Wood Chips From Fruit Tree Cuttings

By John Atwell

After you read this handy tip, you’ll never need to buy expensive BBQ wood chips again.

Attach Your Manual Grain Mill to an Elliptical Trainer

By Monty Kaasch

If your manual grain mill turns out to be too much work for your arms alone, consider attaching it to an exercise bike for added power.

Uses for Wood Shavings: Make a Drawer Freshener

By Jenny Mörtsell

Follow this reader-submitted tip to capitalize on small leftovers from woodworking projects.

The Sweetest Ant Poison

By Kirk Miller

A MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader in Texas sprinkles dry molasses on fire anthills to kill pesky (and painful!) fire ants.


Make Deck Balusters From Used Golf Clubs

By Jeff Setaro

This deck refinishing idea employs used golf clubs as deck balusters and is perfect for golf aficionados and recycling enthusiasts alike.

Non-Toxic Herbal Insect Repellent Spray

By Stephanie Tourles

It’s that time of year when the flying, buzzing, blood-sucking insects are at their peak annoyance, and, if you want to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll need to apply some sort of bug repellent to your body. Try this non-toxic, herbal remedy that Stephanie Tourles has for you!

Find Sustainably Harvested Wood

By Vicki Mattern

If you’re getting ready to build a home or begin a woodworking project, consider building with sustainable wood products. With help from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council databases, you can locate sustainably harvested wood.

FrogTape Introduces Shape Tape

News Release

FrogTape’s latest painting tape provides endless design possibilities and masking protection.

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