Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

Simpler Gifts for a Richer Christmas

By Lyndsay Dawson Mynatt

Reclaim the joy of the holiday season with homemade gifts that aren't too late to make.

DIY Metal Tray Magnet Board with Button Magnets

By Courtney Denning

This simple DIY project is a quick and easy way to repurpose a metal tray into a pretty place to display photos, notes, even holiday cards. The supplies needed may be found in your home or bought inexpensively at a local craft/home improvement store or found at a thrift shop.

Spoon Carving from Green Wood

By Kiko Denzer

Spoon carving is good practice for hatchet and knife skills, and a spoon is a beautiful sculpture that feeds more than one hunger!

Colorado Garden Dreaming

By Bruce McElmurray

Building garden boxes that keep critters out.


The Mini-Masonry Heater

By Kyle Chandler-Isacksen

How to build a small and super-efficient masonry heater out of fire bricks.

Laying Salvaged Tiles

By Kyle Chandler-Isacksen

A simple technique for using salvaged tiles to make beautiful floors.

Celebrate This Holiday Homemade Style

By YardMap Network

Celebrate those gardeners and birders in your life by making them homemade holiday gifts this year.

Log To Lumber To Finished Project: Number 2

By Bruce McElmurray

Selecting a tree, reducing it to logs, milling out the logs into lumber and using that lumber for specific projects.

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