An Old-Timey Wooden Top

Here's how to build a spinner and a wooden top.

063 wooden top - photo

The finished wooden top, ready for a spin.


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12/21/2007 10:47:10 AM

Thanksomuch for featuring a wooden top. In this high-tech age, some do not have any idea what a merry spinning top could BE. Any top. Here is the story of the "Strawberry Top" to add to yours: One year, I purchased a little wooden strawberry-shaped top to add to stocking stuffers. Three inched high, in the shape of a strawberry, and with a simply green spinning stick, protruding at the place for the stem, painted bright red/pink, with green strawberryseeds, it cost all of 75cents, at last-minute closeout at a local little shop sale. With lots of things of the day, under the tree, I did not give it much thought ... just a little thing to look classic and cute in the stocking for our very good children.... But my children were fascinated by the mirthful little top, and each Christmas, thereafter, they became gleeful at the thought of spinning that tiny strawberry top, and it became our way to kick off the holiday celebratory spirit, re: santastuff! As the years passed, the top became a special moment and a focus for the warmest and most loving and dear holiday feelings. When our spaniel pup put a toothmark in it, teething, we held our breath, at top-spinning time...would it spin? A wooden top depends on a delicate balance... pup chewing might ruin it! spun more merrily than ever! And with our otherwise-amazing pup's toothmark in it, we loved it all the more It would spin and spin, for more than a full minute and more than that sometimes....proclaiming the strong and merry life, in the very smallest things, that always touches us so much to heart! The year my husband died, it was summer and the following Christmas had some really sensitive moments, that first one without him, but in spirit! But the Strawberry top earned its honors, as I whisked it out with the children, in their early teen years, by then, so solemn , at my side ... hushed...."I guess we're ok", I said, as the top spun merrily and impertur