Deno the Stuffed Dinosaur Pillow

Manufactured stuffed animals are a dime a dozen. Even though it's made of old jeans, this stuffed dinosaur pillow is one of a kind.

| September/October 1984

stuffed dinosaur pillow - alternative designs

Here are a couple alternative designs.


Would you like to make a unique toy for your children or a gift for someone special? Something that will appeal to toddler or teenager? That's inexpensive and personal? That will challenge your resourcefulness and creativity? If so, gather the following materials and stitch up a dinosaur! A stuffed dinosaur pillow, that is.

You'll Need

[1] Discarded Jeans. Two pairs of adult-size denim jeans, faded about the same, so that the pieces will match when they are put together and one pair of children's jeans, brightly colored, for the mouth and spikes on the spine.

[2] Felt. A 4" x 8" piece of black for the eyes and a 1 1/2" x 6" scrap of pink or red for the tongue.

[3] Thread. A spool of blue quilting thread to use when sewing the jeans (it's stronger than the regular variety), and a spool of black for the eyes.

[4] Self-adhering fastener. (such as Velcro). A 9" length of 1 1/2"-wide fastener to attach the limbs securely to the body. (Perhaps you can recycle some of this, too — say, from outgrown coats or tennis shoes.)

[5] Stuffing. Two bags of 16-ounce polyester fiberfill. Shredded foam is economical but messy. Or look around the house for such alternatives as old stockings or leftover pieces of quilt batting.

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