Save Energy: Repair Drafty Windows

Repair drafty windows to keep cool air in during the summer and heat in during the winter.

Window Repairs

A few inexpensive repairs on your windows can save you a significant amount of money in the future.


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ron demattio_1
11/12/2006 12:00:00 AM

I've made my own energy saving window inserts using wood and plastic. I made a frame of 1x2 that was slightly smaller than the inside dimensions of the window frame, stretched plastic film/or acetate/or clear vinyl, like that used for table covers. Then put foam tape around the outer sides of the frame and pushed it into the existing window frame.I've had people tell me they think it's not doing anything until I pull out one corner to let them feel the cold air breeze coming out the opening.2- another way to help cut energy loss is with simple vinyl roll up blinds. You can add little velcro pieces along the edges and on the window frame to hold in place when closed or just add little pieces of metal and glue small magnets to the window frame.We were in Italy in 2003 and in the South, they made very good use of roll up shades/shutters built into the door/window frames, and their external shutters were actually used to block heat from summer sun as well as insulate in winter. I saw several kinds- some were on roller tracks like barn doors, some just hinged shut, some had lower sections that tilted out to let more air in, give you a view and still block the hot sun.