Country Lore: Outdoor Solar Shower

With the sun providing heat, you only have to provide the water for this outdoor solar shower.

outdoor solar shower

Exterior and interior of the outdoor solar shower. Caution: The platform for the water tank has to be strong enough to hold it when it's filled with water. A full 50-gallon tank weighs about 400 pounds. And check the water before getting in to be sure it’s not too hot.


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This outdoor solar shower is one of the ways I conserve energy. The sun heats the water in the black-painted tank on top for my shower each day. After showering, I refill the tank with the garden hose and the sun heats the water for the next day’s shower.

I spent about $140 on the project. The tank is an old water heater that I stripped down and painted flat black. I put an overflow vent on top to let me know when it is full, and also to prevent airlock. I added a shut-off valve just before the shower head.

I picked up the shower base at a garage sale for $5. The walls and door are two pieces of privacy fencing that I cut down to fit. The floor is made from treated lumber.

Tim Mason
Beaverton, MI