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New Wood Carving Machine with Digital Technology

Digital Wood CarverThe Digital Wood Carver was introduced by engineer, Burl Tichenor, to the woodworking and engraving industry. Using CNC technology, the Digital Wood Carver can produce a variety of details including 3D shapes, V-carving and pocketing text or figures.

Geared for woodworkers, custom engravers, craftsman and sign designers, this Digital Wood Carver includes the carving head and table. It has onboard software to program artwork, text, or freestyle designs. The computerized carver moves to the exact location on the wood to make the desired design.

Digital Wood Carver Cutting Head Specifications

Digital Wood Carver Table Specifications

Digital Wood Carver Control System Specifications

Customers of The Digital Wood Carver have experienced success with their carving creations. John Malinowski from Michigan says, "It is so satisfying designing and making stuff with this machine that I have a hard time going to sleep because I'm thinking of interesting ways to use the machine. I was working on the CNC last night till midnight."

According to Burl Tichenor, owner and engineer, “you are only limited by your imagination and the Digital Wood Carver creates woodworking details like never before.”

The Digital Wood Carver is available for immediate purchase through the company’s website

About the Digital Wood Carver: Burl Tichenor has been a woodworker for 25 years and enjoys making individual items for those close to him. The Digital Wood Carver (DWC) was designed in order to add unique touches and personalize projects to make them special. The Digital Wood Carver is quickly earning a reputation for allowing woodworkers and other craftsman to create their own masterpieces.

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