Make Necklaces From the Sunday Funnies!

Did you know you could make necklaces from newspaper? I can be done, and here's how.

| November/December 1978

make necklaces - main view

Whatever was in the funnies when you started, beads colored in bands of red, yellow, brown, and deep blue will be the end result when you make necklaces from newspaper.


OK young'uns, here’s a craft project just for you! Want to make necklaces for your Mom or your friends this Christmas? Well you can, and you can do it all by yourself (well ... maybe with a little help from Dad or an older brother or sister).

Pull off a layer of the funnies from the Sunday paper. Open the double sheet out flat on a hard surface (the kitchen floor or a table that it won't hurt to work on).

Then use a yardstick and a pencil to measure off and mark a series of dots. These dots start on the upper left corner of the paper right where the color begins. And they're spaced an inch and a half apart all the way across the double-sheet to where the color ends on the paper's right edge.

Next draw a second series of dots across the paper's bottom. This series will be spaced an inch and a half apart too, but it is started three-quarters of an inch in from where the color starts on the sheet.

(Do you see why the top row of dots starts at the edge of the color while the bottom row starts in three-quarters of an inch from the color's edge? It's so a series of long, skinny triangles will be formed when the dots are connected by straight lines.)

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