Make a Kite from Recycled Materials

In honor of her favorite magazine, the author gathered some recycled materials and found a way to make a kite with them.

056 make a kite - diagram 3.jpg
Poke a hole through each of the dots. Turn the kite over. Cut a 20" and a 12" length of bridle string. Tie the ends of the 20" string through the holes and over the spars at the "top" of the square. Then, tie one end of the 12" length around the intersection of the spars at the center. With that done, find the midpoint of the upper string and tie a loop in it. Next, run the string which comes from the center of the kite through this loop, pull it up until the plane formed by the top string is perpendicular to the face of the kite, and knot the bridle together.