Leroy's Power Steering Hydraulic Dump Bed Conversion

This homemade hydraulic dump bed conversion may very well be next year's hottest Detroit option.

The cylinder mounting angle is critical because it affects both the payload capacity and the maximum tilt of the bed. The diagram above can be used to roughly calculate any homebuilt system's maximum capacity, using the formula in the following image-gallery image.It may look complicated, but figuring it out is simply a matter of establishingA, the distance between the bed's rear hinge pin and the cylinder's upper mount;B, the distance between the bed's rear hinge pin and the front of the bed;X, the length of a line parallel to B, measured between the cylinder's lower mounting pivot and the line's intersection with...Y, the distance perpendicular to A and X, between the upper cylinder mount and X;R, the radius of the pistons within the cylinders;P, the maximum operating pressure of the power-steering pump (most are limited to about 1,500 psi with an internal dump valve).Note that the rear hinge posts must be at least 2 inches forward of the bed frame to allow clearance at maximum lift.