How to Design and Build a Knife

How to design and build a knife with a bone handle, including shaping, instructions, diagrams, heat treating, polishing, and sharpening.

| April/May 1996

Building a knife 1

1. Rough shaping blade on grinding wheel.


First lessons in the Old-Time cutler's trade. Design and build a knife using these step-by-step instructions. (See the homesteader's knife photos in the image gallery.)

How to Design and Build a Knife

A minor but sudden and distant family emergency had me rushing toward a boarding gate at Boston's Logan Airport, a few essentials hurriedly thrown into a suitcase, and still wearing old jeans, field boots, and Levi's jacket. I emptied my pockets on the conveyor beside the metal detector and walked through the arch without setting off any alarm that I could hear. But suddenly I found myself surrounded by uniformed cops with little radio-phone-plugs in one ear. Feeling like a perplexed Harrison Ford falsely accused in a movie mystery, I had to produce ticket, boarding pass, IDs and all before learning that I was suspected of trying to board a civil aircraft carrying a lethal weapon.

"Lethal weapon?" I said. "You mean the knife?" My pocketknife was sitting beside keys, loose change, and assorted country-pocket junk on the conveyer.

A cop reached for the knife with a latex-gloved hand and nodded grimly.

But "I ... I live ... in the country" was all I could say. I showed them my hands with their assorted scars, a couple of finger-ends lopped off by farm machinery, and purple urchin spines under the skin from when I skin-dived after conch and rock lobster in the Caribbean. "Its not a weapon;" I said. "Its a tool. I use it to do everything;" and I started describing how I'd been splicing up a rope halter and lead for my daughter's new pony when called away.

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