How to Build a Dory Boat Structure, Part 1

Learn how to build a houseboat, including constructing the hull, transom, ribs, stern and bow line.

Hina is a floating backpack that will carry two people as far away as they wish to go. As with any backpack, the lighter the better. So, we built her from sturdy, but not heavy, woods. Our basic hull materials included those listed above.Plywood should be waterproof, which means laminated together with glue that won't disintegrate at sea. And the 5/4-fir specified here is a rough lumber measure which assures you of a true one-inch thickness on the finished board. If you ordered simply 1-by-2 fir, you'd end up with a planed piece of lumber measuring only 11/16 x 1 5/8. You want the full inch.Just about everything else that went in Hina consisted of short, scroungeable lengths. Such scavenging not only saves money, but draws you into the design process as you adapt your plans to utilize what's available.