Tin Can Homemade Wind Chimes

Add a little music to your porch, yard, or garden with tin can homemade wind chimes.

| May/June 1981

069 homemade wind chimes - step 2

Fold the sections down to form a cup or bell shape.


It's easy to make homemade wind chimes out of string, small hex nuts or washers, and tin can tops. To begin, simply remove the lids from a number of containers (different sizes will produce different tones), and cut four thin "pie" sections from each one, using wire cutters or tinsnips.

With that done, fold the disks into flat-sided shapes and fit each one with a string-and-washer clapper. The finished bells can be hung singly, one above the other (from largest to smallest or vice versa), or even in a tinkling mobile of your own design.

And despite the fact that the chimes can be made from scrap materials in a few minutes' time, it would be hard to put a price on the soothing sound of their gentle singing on a warm June night!

maria gala enerio
8/14/2012 4:58:23 AM

i guess your method is more practical. thanks for posting.

melodae farley
8/9/2012 5:03:46 PM

You can make windchimes by just crimping the lids with pair of needle-nose pliers. I used a nail to make a hole in the center of each, tied a small washer onto the fishing line and strung it through the lid, and continued on up to the desired length. I make holes in the center and the edge of a large lid and tied each fishing line to the edge of the big lid. The center hole also got a washer but tied to a nylon twine for hanging. I like to hang them in a tree, where the swaying of the branch will increase the music of the chimes.

maria gala enerio
8/9/2012 7:44:42 AM

will try this out starting with my child's project in school for TLE. thanks a lot for this brilliant idea. more power! God bless. more, more ideas please. thanks.

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