DIY Child's Footstool

Build this DIY child’s footstool for a cute and easy project to help furnish a little one's room.

diy childs footstool

This DIY child's footstool makes a great project for those who like rosemaling or tole painting.

Photo courtesy Lark Books

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John A. and Joyce C. Nelson provide 150 easy, quality projects for any home in The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking (Lark Books, 2005). In their 60th book, the Nelson’s include their favorite projects for all levels of craftsmen. The following child’s footstool project, featured in this excerpt, is one of many accessories available to liven up any youngster's room.

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DIY Child's Footstool

This footstool makes a great project for those who like rosemaling or tole painting. It should be made of a hardwood so that it will hold up under all conditions.


1 Seat — 3/4 x 8 3/8 — 10" Long
2 Legs — 3/4 x 6 1/2 — 5 5/8" Long
1 Brace — 3/4 x 1 7/8 — 6 7/8" Long
8 Screws — FL. HD. — No. 8 — 1 1/4" Long


1. Draw a 1/2-inch grid on heavy paper or cardboard, and lay out the patterns for the seat (Item 1), leg (Item 2), and brace (Item 3) in Slideshow. On the seat pattern, locate the four screw holes. 

Transfer the patterns to the wood, and cut them out. Note the two, parallel 15 degree cuts on the top and bottom ends of the two legs. Drill holes and countersink in the top and legs for the eight No. 8 screws.

2. Screw the stool together to check all fits, and make adjustments as necessary. When everything is all right, take the assembly completely apart again.

3. Using a router equipped with a 1/8 inch-radius cove-cutter bit that has a ball-bearing follower, cut the outer edge of the top, the lower edge of the brace, and the outside edges of the two legs, as shown in the exploded view.

4. Apply glue and screw the stool together. Check that the stool is sturdy enough for all conditions.

5. Finish this charming footstool as you desire.

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This material was excerpted from by John A. and Joyce C. Nelson and published by Lark Books an imprint of Sterling Publishing, 2005. Buy this book from our store: The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking