Homemade Watering Can Cover

Make this homemade watering-can cover and say goodbye to leaves, bugs, and other garden gunk that dirties your water.

| February/March 2015

Homemade Watering Can Cover

Upgrade your watering can to prevent twigs, leaves and other garden debris from clogging the spout.

Photo by Janice Ho

After years of being annoyed with leaves and dirt and other garden debris clogging my watering can spout, I finally did something about it. I used an old coat hanger to rig a frame that outlines the opening of my watering can. The frame connects to the base of the can’s handle.

I wrapped a piece of old window screen around the frame, and — voilà! — no little bits of gunk falling into the can, and no mosquitoes laying their eggs in there either!

Janice Ho
Hannibal, Missouri

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