Make a DIY Cold Frame from Storm Windows

Salvaged storm windows and a few spare bricks are all you’ll need to assemble this DIY cold frame that will work in almost any garden space.

Storm Window Cold Frame

You can make a DIY cold frame by stacking bricks against the south-facing wall of your home and covering the new garden bed with glass.

Photo by Ginger Li

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I wanted a cold frame in my tiny Zone 5 garden, but I lacked the tools, patience and space to make and store one. Instead, I stacked old bricks in a rectangle against the south-facing wall of my Illinois home. Each side is two bricks high.

I purposefully sized the walls to fit three scavenged storm windows, which I laid horizontally across the top of the bricks. I prop up the glass with a stick as the weather warms. My DIY cold frame was free, it doesn’t waste garden space, and it provides extra-early harvests!

Ginger Li
Homewood, Illinois