How to Recycle an Old Hose

Reuse an old hose by using it to pad uncomfortable bucket handles.

Hose Handle

Cover a brittle bucket handle with a section of old hose to make the grip comfier.

Photo by Tena Brown

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I bet most MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers keep 5-gallon buckets that originally held paint, oil, etc., in an attempt to recycle and reuse. The plastic grips on the handles are uncomfortable, though, and they quickly become brittle and break away. To make a better grip, wrap a piece of old hose around the handle.

To do this, disconnect the wire handle from one side of the bucket, remove (or break off) the old plastic grip, cut a piece of hose to the length you wish, work it onto the wire handle, and then reattach the wire handle to the side of the bucket. This padded handle will be much easier on your hands.

Tena Brown
Dobbins, California