Reusable, Lightweight Pots

Use potting soil bags to create inexpensive, light-weight pots for flowers, kitchen herbs and more.

| February/March 2016

Bags of Soil

After emptying plastic bags of soil or mulch, you can reuse them as temporary planting containers.

Photo by Fotolia/singkham

I needed to move a lot of perennial flowers, and wanted to store them somewhere safe until I could find the right place to plant them the following spring. I spotted some empty potting soil bags, and realized they would make great temporary planting containers.

I rolled the top down on one bag to make it shorter, and then filled it with soil and a plant. Next, I cut a few holes in the bottom for drainage. I then had an instant, lightweight, reusable pot! I repeated this step with the remaining bags, and then enlisted dog food, cat food, and manure bags as well.

Laura Johnson
Fayetteville, Georgia

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