DIY Porch Light for Poultry

You can make a whimsical, water-resistant porch light for chickens out of nothing but an old soup can.

| June/July 2015

Poultry Porch Light

A creative reader in Peyton, Colorado, made a chicken-themed porch light out of an old soup can.

Photo by Tom Preble

A large soup can has made a great water-resistant, no-glare porch light for our chickens. To make your own, cut a hole in the side of a can to fit it snugly on a porch light’s base, and then use construction adhesive to hold the can in place.

Our lamps are about 17 years old now and have rusted to a nice patina. We even punched a chicken picture into the side with a small hammer and finishing nail!

Tom Preble
Peyton, Colorado

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