DIY Bungee Cords from Old Bicycle Tubes

Pick up free, old bicycle tubes from a local bike shop, and upcycle them into durable, DIY bungee cords.

| October/November 2015

Homemade Bungee Cord

Homemade bungee cords are sturdier and longer lasting than many store-bought versions.

Photo by Ed Pfeifer

I’ve found that most bungee cords wear out, at which point the ends break off or the cords lose their stretchiness. As a solution, I get old bicycle tire tubes free from my local bike shop and cut them into strips. I attach a hook from one of the broken bungee cords to one of the rubber tube strips by pushing the strip through the hook and then securing it with a knot.

You can cut the rubber tubes to any length, and, in my experience, these DIY bungee cords last much longer than store-bought versions.

Ed Pfeifer
Remsenburg, New York

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