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Float Your Boat, Raft, Canoe or Dugout

By Heidi Hunt

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raftRemember Tom and Huck’s grand adventure on the Mississippi River — floating downstream on a homemade raft? I think most of us were inspired to dream of lazing along a creek or paddling a neighboring pond.

I grew up on Lake Ontario. Sometimes huge, bleached and polished logs would wash up on our rocky shore. I’d push the behemoth back into the water and try to climb on — usually getting dumped off by the rolling action of the log. But all the while I struggled to sit on my “raft,” I’d be fantasizing about being on my own, finding food and making shelters for the night. The fantasies were so much better than any reality I could muster!!

I’m sure many of you actually constructed rafts or boat-like structures and crafted some fine adventures with them. The kids in this picture constructed much of their raft

 from recycled materials.

If you’ve built a boat, raft, canoe or dugout, share your adventures in the comments section below. If not, this may be the summer to consider doing so.