Build Dual Fuel Carburetor

The ability to back up your wood-gas power with gasoline can be an inexpensive convenience. Our dual fuel carburetor designs will allow you to do it.

Dual Fuel Carburetor - 4, 5, and 6
[4] These matchsticks indicate the holes that'll need to be filled with epoxy (we used a two-part pliable type that could be blended and formed like modeling clay). The pen tip points to a channel that feeds the power valve, and therefore should not be plugged. [5] The ported vacuum orifice for the distributor advance (at pen point) and the vacuum feed for the choke get sealed as well. [6] The wood-gas inlet pipe should be carefully fitted and fastened to the carb body with epoxy. When that's done, check again to make sure the power valve feed channel isn't plugged.