Build Dual Fuel Carburetor

The ability to back up your wood-gas power with gasoline can be an inexpensive convenience. Our dual fuel carburetor designs will allow you to do it.

Dual Fuel Carbuetor - 26, 27, 28
[26] Cut apiece of 1/8" x 3/4" flat stock to 3" or so in length, drill a 3/16" hole in each end and another that's offset a bit from the center, and tack-weld this lever to the end of the secondary throttle shaft to replace the small arm you removed previously. If you want to use a motorcycle twist grip control as we did, crimp a ring tongue terminal to the end of the cable and mount it to the lever. If not, standard linkage hardware can be used. [27] Drill a 5/32" hole through the lower arm of the secondary choke shaft lever and fasten a cable-and-ring control (as shown) or a ball-and-socket terminal. A bracket ? made from a piece of 1/8"" X 5/8"" X 4"" flat stock bent to a 90? angle ? can hold the cable in place. [28] The modified carburetor, assembled and ready for installation. A 1-1/2"" radiator hose completes the joint between the smoke supply tube (from the wood-gas generator's cooler/filter) and the sink drain inlet pipe fitted to the rear wall of the altered Quadrajet.