Make Deck Balusters From Used Golf Clubs

This deck refinishing idea employs used golf clubs as deck balusters and is perfect for golf aficionados and recycling enthusiasts alike.

Used golf club deck baulsters

This creative deck design is on par with more expensive options.

Photo by Jeff Setaro

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I went shopping for some deck balusters at a big-box store and came away with sticker shock. I knew there had to be a cheaper way to redo my deck! Later, I noticed some used golf clubs lying around and I thought, “Why not remove the heads and use the shafts with grips for deck balusters?”

I screwed 3-inch deck screws spaced 4 inches apart on a 2-by-4-inch top rail. I cut the heads off the clubs with a curved-nose wire cutter, then slipped the grip end of each club over the screws. Next, I slid the driver end of each club into holes I had drilled 4 inches apart on the bottom rail. I attached the top rail to the vertical deck posts, sealed the bottom rail to the clubs with silicone, and presto! I had beautiful deck balusters.

After my success with the first section, I bought a ton of inexpensive, used golf clubs to finish the job. Now I just have to find a use for all those cutoff golf club heads!

Jeff Setaro
Horse Shoe, North Carolina