Drawing With Tape to Design Greeting Cards

There are so many different colors and patterns of decorative tape. With a little imagination and an eye for an object in its simplest form — rectangle, ellipse, circle, square — it is possible to create images that represent special events or occasions using the tape as the drawing medium.

The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking, by Judi Watanabe, explores a wide range of techniques and end products, making it a valuable reference for any crafter. So when the mood strikes, use the artistry you've learned to create personalized greetings for everyone you know!



• 1 white folded note card, 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches

• 4 colors decorative tape, with one color being yellow, each 3 inches

• scissors


1. With scissors, square off one end of the tape. Apply the tape to the folded card approximately 1 inch from the edge.


2. Tear off at approximately 2 1/2 inches. Repeat for the second and third colors.

tape candle 

3. Cut three teardrop shapes from the yellow tape and adhere to the tops of the three vertical strips, creating the flames for three candles.

tape candles 

Variation: Tannenbaum

Christmas trees are a popular icon for the season, and with so many different styles, you are sure to make loved ones smile when they receive a Christmas tree made from decorative tape.

torn tape tree

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Reprinted with permission from The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking, by Judi Watanabe and published by Quarto Publishing Group, 2016

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