How to Label Glass Jars

Use black chalkboard paint to create eye-catching glass-jar labels.

Glass Jars

Instead of messing with paper and tape that get worn and stained, use chalkboard paint to create a permanent label that’s easy to update.

Photo by Alisa Sorenson

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I’ve found that adding a brush stroke of chalkboard paint (available at craft supply stores) to glass canning jars allows me to easily make erasable labels. I’ve long used glass jars for storing my herbs, but in the past I either had to guess about the exact contents or use paper and tape to label the jars.

With chalkboard paint, I tag the contents and date with chalk, and then erase the text to make a new label if I refill the jar with a different product. This has worked well for me, and I’m hoping others will find it handy, too!

Alisa Sorenson
Southern Pines, North Carolina