Building a Cordwood Masonry Sauna

A MOTHER reader describes building a cordwood masonry sauna from scratch, includes information on installing sauna doors, windows and rafters, mortar mix, types of woods to use for the sauna and building diagrams.

The Earthwood sauna has a 9' inside diameter, which translates to a 10', 4" outside diameter. (1) High platform, 42" off floor. (2) Low platform, 36" off floor. (3) Ceramic thimble (8" inside diameter) air vent. A cylindrical log end closes the vent. Vents are 5' and 6' off floor, respectively. (4) 4" diameter combustion air inlet, near floor. (5) Stove surrounded by bricks (or stoned}. (6) Floor drain. (7) Forming boards. (8) Shelf. (9) Water-resistant (bathroom) light. (10) Spike for thermometer or towel. (11 ) 2'-wide door. (12) 16"-square window. (13) Wash bucket. (14) Whisk. (15) Firewood store.