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Country Lore: August/September 2017

Submitted by MOTHER EARTH NEWS Readers

Readers’ tips about storing onions, making a free solar food dehydrator, creating upcycled herb planters, rain water storage, and more.

Building a Front Yard Pond

By Kyle Chandler-Isacksen, Be the Change Project

We built a small pond with friends to add the beauty of water and habitat diversity to our front yard.

Upcycling Old Fence Boards

By Kyle Chandler-Isacksen, Be the Change Project

Old fencing is a great urban resource for tons of homesteading projects .

Make Paper From Plants

By Kristi Quillen

Connect with an age-old process and the life cycle of plants to make fragrant, textured paper. See the photos on this page for step-by-step guidance in the papermaking process.


Cheap Lumber: Find Great Furniture Wood in Piles of Floor Joists

By Steve Maxwell

You don’t need expensive wood to build fine furniture. With a little care and knowledge you’ll find amazing boards in piles of cheap construction-grade lumber.

The Ugly Truth About Staining Your Old Deck

By Steve Maxwell

If you hate the way your old deck looks bad again six months or less after restaining, you’re not alone. Long lasting deck stain beauty means you need to do things differently than most folks.

Building an Outdoor Oven

By William Rubel

This easy-to-construct, DIY clay oven fires up quickly and stays hot for days. Cook dinner at night and bake bread in the morning with its stored heat.

Which Pressure Washer Nozzle Should You Use?

By Bryan Johnson, DR Power Equipment

Which pressure washer nozzle is right for which jobs? This quick guide will get you to work on that cleaning project fast.

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