MOTHER EARTH NEWS February/March 2017

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Unconventional Gardening Methods: Pros & Cons
With this breakdown of the hottest gardening trends, you can experiment with new techniques and reimagine your backyard space.

Terrific Tomatoes for Sauces and Canning
A tomato connoisseur recommends his favorite cultivars based on flavor, reliability, and years of experience.

How to Make Your Own Moccasins
Take tanned animal skins one step further by turning the leather into comfortable, durable footwear.

Aging Gracefully on the Homestead
Why retire to the city? Readers share ways they’ve been able to stay on the farm.

Winter Soups from the Cellar
Starting with a base of nutritious broth, showcase your winter vegetable stash with these recipes.

Herbal Support for Wintertime Blues
Lift darker, cold-weather moods and aid your digestive and nervous systems with homemade bitters and rejuvenating teas.

Make Syrup from Birch, Walnut, and Sycamore Trees
Decide which trees to tap and learn to process tree sap into syrup.


News from MOTHER
Grassroots movements invigorate communities.

Dear MOTHER: February/March 2017
Reader letters about homesteading at any age, a health co-op, and a story of hope.

Green Gazette
Updates on wind energy, pellet boilers, and market gardening.

The Gardener's Table: Sweet Potatoes and Shallots to Savor in Winter
Planting shallots and growing sweet potatoes from slips is easy, and the two roots pair well in decadent dishes. Try these healthy sweet potato recipes with shallots.

Ask Our Experts
Trusted advice on cutting solar costs, home-prepared dog food, and a deep well hand pump.

The Pitchfork Pulpit: Composting Manure
Manure might be the hottest thing on your farmstead.

Country Lore: Readers' Tips to Live By
Reader tips on beekeeping, a soil mix, oils for cast iron, and more.

Photos from the Field
Share your photos of MOTHER EARTH NEWS topics by joining our community Flickr page.

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