MOTHER EARTH NEWS October/November 2016

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Building an Affordable, Sustainable Home
A team of builders constructed Canada’s greenest home while keeping it uncomplicated and cost-effective.

How to Choose and Maintain Your Homestead Chainsaw
Find a chainsaw to fit your needs, and then follow these simple bar and chain maintenance tips so you can safely put it to work for years to come.

How to Tan a Deer Hide
Follow these steps for tanning a deer hide, complete with time requirements and tool recommendations, to make your own beautiful, quality leather.

DIY Rocket Stove Designs
Learn to build wood burning cookstoves for the campsite, homestead, or backyard with these DIY rocket stove plans.

How to Make Easy Herbal Oils, Salves, and Syrups
Soothe injuries and boost your immune system with these simple, plant-based recipes for trauma oil, Saint John’s Wort oil, black elderberry syrup, herbal lip balm, and more.


News from MOTHER
Inspiring stories build community

Dear MOTHER: October/November 2016
Reader letters about mob grazing with chickens, hot-climate gardening, and catching voles.

Green Gazette
Updates on the National Young Farmers Coalition, a solar cooker, and moving to organic growing.

The Gardner's Table: Apples and Onions
Onions and apples complement each other in the garden and in delicious autumn dishes.

Ask Our Experts
Amount of Salt to Use for Fermentation
How to Provide Dog Allergy Relief and Soothe Dry Skin

Grass-fed Beef, Free-Range Chicken, and USDA Organic: Language and the Sustainable Revolution
Farmers and consumers need to go beyond grass-fed, free-range, humane and USDA Organic labels to do right by this planet.

Country Lore: Readers' Tips to Live By
Reader-submitted tips on making a greenhouse from a dog kennel, cleaning a showerhead, and using carpet as woodchuck deterrent.

Photos from the Field
Share your photos of MOTHER EARTH NEWS topics by joining our community Flickr page.

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