MOTHER EARTH NEWS December 2016/January 2017

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Build a More Resilient Homestead
A longtime energy and resilience expert offers advice on how to make your home and land disaster-resistant.

Dirt, Cheap: A Composting Business for the Community
A young Phoenix company has hit paydirt by recycling and reusing food waste to benefit consumers, businesses, the land — and the landfill.

The Best Batteries for Your Off-Grid Battery Bank
This advice will help you choose the best battery for backup energy on your off-grid homestead.

Farming the Neighborhood
Transforming lawns to gardens means “plenty” of food and a sense of community in these suburban backyard homesteads.

Grow a Community Garden Project
With ingenuity, creativity, and a touch of grit, this small North Carolina town cultivated a community garden project to produce healthy food for neighbors in need.


News from MOTHER
Inspiring stories build community

Dear MOTHER: December 2016/January 2017
Reader letters on how to live a simpler life, hot water on demand, leaky ponds, pork belly bacon, Facebook Live, and more!

Green Gazette
Updates on GMO labeling, solar tax credits, and safe drinking water.

The Gardner's Table: Sweet Potatoes and Shallots to Savor in Winter
Planting shallots and growing sweet potatoes from slips is easy, and the two roots pair well in decadent dishes. Try these healthy sweet potato recipes with shallots.

Ask Our Experts

Best Fuel for a Blacksmith Forge
Prevent Bird Flu in Your Chickens

Small-Scale Rotational Grazing
Keeping your cattle, goats, sheep, or chickens moving is the key to successful, controlled rotational grazing on a small homestead.

Country Lore: Readers' Tips to Live By
Reader-submitted tips on a DIY cat toy, a rabbit-proof planter, a lavender salt scrub, and a paw salve for dogs.

Photos from the Field
Share your photos of MOTHER EARTH NEWS topics by joining our community Flickr page.

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