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Best Organic Fertilizers
Feed your garden by choosing natural soil amendments that are rich in nutrients, minerals, and organic matter — not just nitrogen.

DIY Wind Turbine
Turn a car alternator into alternative energy by building this cheap and easy homemade wind generator.

Building an Outdoor Oven
Take tanned animal skins one step further by turning the leather into comfortable, durable footwear.

Self-Reliant Living is a Family Affair on This Hawaiian Homestead
The Atwell family is working together to build a Hawaiian homestead haven, complete with hardy crops and a solar-powered home.

Best Medicinal Herbs for Difficult Growing Conditions
Pick the best medicinal herbs to grow in shady, swampy, or dry environments.

Chinese Greenhouses for Winter Gardening
Unlock the full potential of the sun with an energy-efficient passive solar greenhouse, and grow warm-season plants year round with little to no extra heating.

Fresh, Homemade Salad Dressings
Try these favorite salad dressing recipes from MOTHER EARTH NEWS bloggers.

The No-Mortgage Natural Cottage
From treehouse to tiny home, a no-mortgage shelter can help you avoid expensive rent and debt.

Improve Your Flock with Trapnests
This method will help you select the best hens for your breeding program.

Fire-Starting Tools
Equip yourself before living off-grid or exploring the outdoors.

Grow Shiitake Mushrooms
Raise your own fungi for money, food, and fun.


News from MOTHER
Lambing season lessons.

Dear MOTHER: April/May 2017
Reader letters about straw mulch, a high school sustainable-building project, healing after fire, more.

Green Gazette
Updates on green transportation, solar energy, herbal education and organic seeds.

MOTHER's product picks, including a garden seeder, a pie plate, an egg incubator, and more.

Ask Our Experts
Trusted advice on starting a seed library, building urban community, and upcycling old feed bags.

Homestead Hacks
Readers share projects for firewood at any age and cow-manure mats.

The Pitchfork Pulpit: Food Scraps for Poultry Feasts
Give your chickens more nutrition with food and garden waste.

Country Lore: Readers' Tips to Live By
Reader tips onlabels for cottage food sales, recipe organizing, a reuse for compostables, and more.

Photos from the Field
Share your photos of MOTHER EARTH NEWS topics by joining our community Flickr page.

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