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Certified bare root strawberry & asparagus plants. FREE BROCHURE. Krohne Plant Farms, Inc., 65295 CR 342, Hartford, MI 49057. (269)424-5423,


We offer OPEN-POLLINATED & Heirloom Biodynamic vegetable, herb and flower seed. For free catalog call 518-329-3037
or visit us at



Hemp Seeds for sale! Two varieties legally grown in Colorado! High CBD variety and grain fiber variety. Limited supply available! 970-474-3529


Asheville, NC ORDER SEED GARLIC NOW! Open-Pollinated/Non-Hybrid/ Non-GMO Vegetable, Herb & Flower Seeds and More, featuring Heirloom, Organic, and Traditional varieties. Call 828- 254-0708 for FREE catalog or order at


Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Open-pollinated, Heirloom & Organic Seeds & Garlic selected for flavor and local adaptability. Free Catalog 540-894-9480.


Irish Eyes Garden Seeds Organic double certified seed potatoes, garlic, shallots and onions. Organic Heirloom seeds, huge selection.


ORGANIC certified select OPENPOLLINATED vegetable seed and garlic, Demeter certified BIODYNAMIC® Farm internships.
Meadowlark Hearth Biodynamic Seed Initiative.
The best fruit trees and growing tips for the backyard fruit grower. Huge variety selection. Grandpa’s Orchard, LLC, PO Box 773 Dept-MN Coloma, MI 49038 Phone 877-800-0077.


600 VARIETIES OF COMMON/ EXOTIC HERB PLANTS/SEEDS from around the world. Send for free price list. Companion planting chart - $10.00 postpaid. Companion Plants, 7247 N. Coolville Ridge, Athens, OH, 45701;