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My Cellular Miracle

Katie, my 13 year old lab. Vision failing, hip pain, confused. Stem Cell nutrition changed her life! Also for horses and people!
See Katie at


Colloidal Research

8 oz Spray - 10 PPM - $16.95
2 oz Cream - 30 PPM - $16.95


FREE copy of the Essiac Handbook. About the famous Ojibway herbal healing remedy. Call 1-888-568-3036 or write to Box 1182, Crestone CO 81131.


Beauty Vantage

Dramatic organic results you never thought possible without medical/aesthetic risks! Other formulas unwholesome and obsolete compared.
Brochure: 1-800-967-2177


You’ve got a problem-- Anxiety. Depression. Psychiatric or Neurological Hospitalization... New SELF-HELP Tool Kit Gives You HOPE.
Write Sanders 1140 Sutter #211-Dept MO, San Francisco, CA 94109-5654 for FREE details.