Amy Fewell, Mom, Photographer and Rabbit-Raising Homesteader

Name: Amy FewellAmy Fewell

Occupation: Work-at-home mom and wife, homesteader, photographer, writer, and all-natural mama

Place of Residence: Virginia

Values: God first, Family second, Homesteading third. All natural living, both in the home and on the homestead.

Background:  Amy and her family live on a small homestead in Central Virginia, The Fewell Homestead. They currently raise heritage breed chickens, ducks, and Rex rabbits — which are a rarity in the state of Virginia. The Rex rabbits are sold pedigreed for meat and show. They specialize in non-GMO holistic care for their animals and themselves.


Amy and her family are in the process of looking for more land, 10-15 acres, in order to fit more than what they can on their mere 1/2-acre. They would like to add dairy goats, cattle, quail and more to their homesteading projects. Locating a new homestead has presented its challenges, but it's fun for Amy to think of the amazing things she can add to her ever-growing list of projects! They built everything on their current mini-homestead with their own two hands, and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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