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What to Know About Imported Seafood

Photo by Fotolia/Fons Laure

Reposted with permission from Menuism

We often don’t know where the food on our plate comes from. When it comes to seafood, this might be particularly true. While U.S. seafood is among the best managed in the world, we import 91 percent of what is consumed in this country. Much of this imported seafood comes from countries with minimal or no effective management in place to ensure healthy stocks, ecosystems, and communities. Aside from the country of origin, U.S. consumers often have no way of knowing how imported fish was caught or produced, or if future fish stocks, ecosystems, and communities are being protected.

Where is our seafood coming from?

The seafood we eat comes from all over the world. Here’s a list of seafood items and some of the countries that export them to the U.S.: