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Our FAIRS bring living wisely to life with hands-on workshops in organic gardening, country skills, renewable energy and more.

The New Earthineer

Welcome to the new Earthineer!

I've been, at turns, excited, anxious and relieved ... but mainly, I've just felt like this:

Jubilant might be an apt description.

I think you'll agree – the new Earthineer just provides a more enjoyable experience.

What you see is the culmination of many months’ worth of work. It's Earthineer reorganized, restructured and reimagined.


Every feature we have planned has that goal in mind. What we have now is the foundation that we'll build off of.

We'll keep updating the, and you can expect something new every couple of weeks ... but let's cover some of the big features that you can expect in the next few months:

More "Group" Features

This was our first release to include "groups." Groups can be public or private (private groups don't show up in searches), and other members can search for groups by topic ("beekeeping," for example), and even find groups within a radius of their zip code. 

In the near term, we'll be adding in more ways to discover groups.

Eventually, we'll also be able to give you recommendations based on your interests and location.


If you're familiar with Pinterest, we'll do the same – only we'll be creating pin boards and sharing content on earthineer-related topics. These could be articles from MOTHER EARTHNEWSor Backwoods Home or they could be blogs from other site. You'll also be able to pin (and share) conversations on public groups. If there is a conversation going on about how to deal with barber pole worms, you can share it so that others can benefit from the discussion.


It's all about discovering content you'd be interested in – no matter where it is.


As homesteaders we barter. We trade with our neighbors for goods that we need. What we want to do is broaden that network to facilitate food swaps, seed swaps, plant swaps, and services with a larger base.

We'll have more on all of this soon, and we'll share some of the early versions as we finish them.

In the meantime, enjoy the new site, and join in the conversation.


Earthineer will be joining us at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Seven Springs, Sept. 20-22 and in Lawrence, Oct. 12-13. 

Please join their DIY Solar Panel workshop in Seven Springs on Saturday, Sept. 21 from 2:30 - 3:30 on the Renewable Energy stage!  They will also be giving in booth demonstrations at booths 1705 & 1707.  Be sure to stop by!

Please visit the FAIR website for more information about future FAIRS: September 20-22 in Seven Springs, Pa. and October 12-13 in Lawrence, Kan.  Tickets on sale now.

You can also get FAIR updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.