5 Clever Chicken Egg-Incubation Tips

| 4/18/2016 2:03:00 PM

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Chick Inside An Egg 

While chickens are natural incubation experts, many breeders find that utilizing an incubator can give them more control over their hatch, ultimately leading to higher hatch rates than nature provides.

However, incubation is a trial-and-error process that can sometimes lead to unforeseen complications. Here are some common incubation questions, and advice from the pros on how to best handle them.

How Do I Increase Incubation Humidity?

Managing humidity during incubation is extremely important to a successful hatch. If your humidity is too low, then excess moisture will be pulled from the egg, leading to reduced hatch rates.

Many incubators come with a water tray that, when filled, will provide ample humidity. However, sometimes the conditions in your location, or your egg type, may require there be additional humidity provided for your hatch to be successful.

Pro Tip: If your humidity within your incubator is too low, even when filled with water, there are additional measures you can take to increase the humidity.

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