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30 Steps to Energy Efficiency - Step 3: Plug Your Electronics Into Power Strips

The following energy-saving tip is brought to you by CleanEdison.

Tonight after work or school, stop by a hardware or electronics store and pick up some power strips (preferably with surge protectors) for all of your large electronics, if you do not have some at home already.cleanedison tip 3

Some large electronics can use as much energy as a light bulb while in "stanby" mode, meaning you should unplug them when you leave the house or know you won’t use them for awhile. Having a large electronic setup plugged into a  power strip makes it much easier to completely power it down, especially if it has a lot of plugs like a home theater system or computer.

Power strips with surge protectors can potentially save your electronics as well. A large electric surge such as a lightning strike can fry the power source or other components on expensive electronics. While some have these built in, a surge protector is an inexpensive way to provide an extra layer of protection.

Remember to flip the switch on the power strip when not in use to achieve energy savings!

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